Solid Engineering Theory

We provide solid audio engineering principles and theories in a very easy to understand and follow along modules.

Hands-On Training

Plenty of time allotted for hands-on training. Participants are broken into small groups for better interaction.

Non - Marketing Approach

While we have various manufacturer sponsors, our trainings are strictly non-marketing. All principles learned can be applied to any gear from any manufacturer.

Access to Gears

Our gratitude to all manufacturers who are willing to be part of our effort to bring audio education to all. Participants will be able to get up-close to equipment on display during practical or break times.

We constantly evolve

Our syllabus is constantly updated and we strive to add more value to each repeated attendees.

Continuous Learning

We develop long lasting relationships with our participants so what the learning continues beyond the training. Some of our participants have found successful careers overseas post our programs.