The Team

Over the years, we gathered liked minded audio professionals who were willing to volunteer their time to teach in our trainings. This list is not exhaustive and we feature guests on our trainings to make learning more fun.

Cheah Kok Hon

Cheah Kok Hon

A graduate of School of Audio Engineering (SAE), Kok Hon began his audio career with a stint in one of South East Asia’s prominent recording studios followed by audio production works with a German TV Broadcaster. In the year 2000 he took up the Technical Director position at Tabernacle of Worship, and never looked back since.

He has the privileged of designing and commissioning many church and commercial systems, and currently a distributor for several audio and video product brands.

Danny Kinchang, CTS

Danny Kinchang, CTS

"Danny has over 30 years of experience in the pro audio industry and he specialises in sound systems engineering, building acoustics & noise control engineering. His professional work has taken him to Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific.

He obtained his formal education in audio from the School of Audio Engineering/Middlesex University and is currently pursuing his Master’s in acoustics "

Ng Ming Foo

Ng Ming Foo began his early working career in education administration, practical instruction & supervision for undergraduate audio education. A sound engineer by training, he specialises in sound systems application for churches. Currently, he is involved in several audio products distribution in Malaysia.

伍明富,从事业的早期牵涉于教育管理以及,为学院生提供音频教育实习指导和监督。一位受过正确培训的音响师,专注于教会的音响系统和应用. 目前,他正在本土参与多項專業音響产品发行。

Shawn Chong

A drummer with a local Canto-Rock band with three album recording, Shawn have grown to appreciate good sonic quality during his music touring days.

He pursued this passion by graduating from the School of Audio Engineering, worked in the audio production and teaching field, before establishing Sonica Sdn. Bhd in 2003, filling the niche needs of the Malaysian music and audio scenes for good audio equipment.

As a certified Apple Logic trainer, Shawn kept abreast with the latest audio technology and would gladly share information to those interested.

George Eng-Enga

An artist and musician himself, Pastor George Eng-Enga is no stranger to the music world of Illakano Worship Scene in Philippines. Currently helming the position as the President of Youth with A Mission Philippines (YWAM), Pas. George frequently volunteers his time in providing sound system services in the Baguio area.

He is the official liaison for Audio Missions International in the Philippines.

Jerry Tan

Jerry has been freelancing as a professional media crew, technician and coach since 2004. However, his passion for the media ministry escalated professionally since he answered God's call to serve full-time at Church of Praise, Johor Bahru in 2010. A graduate of the Creative Arts in Theological Centre of Asia Singapore, Jerry is recognized by many Malaysian local churches, international schools & media groups who seek media excellence. He has facilitated media workshops at Asia Pacific Theological Seminary, Philippines.

Today, Jerry offers his services in various areas, namely sound system design and installation, acoustic treatment solutions, LED wall installation, stage lighting designs, media related projects, media workshops, concerts, session work, and many more.